Stable Recovery’s Spring Meet Gala took place on Saturday night at Spy Coast Farm in Lexington, KY. The program is celebrating 10 months in operation.

If you aren’t familiar with Stable Recovery, it began with the founding of the School of Horsemanship, which was created to teach those who were facing problems with addiction to learn how to train horses. After the hiring of Christian Countzler, Stable Recovery was officially founded to provide a safe and stable living environment for men in early recovery. Think DV8 Kitchen but with horses. Just an awesome cause trying to curve the opioid problem that currently runs rampant in the state of Kentucky.

At its core, this is what Kentucky sports are all about; helping others out to ensure team success. The men who make their way to Stable Recovery aren’t just a team, but a brotherhood. When they spend every minute of every day being each other’s keeper, they make relationships that will span lifetimes.

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