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Stable RecoveryWe help you or your loved ones recover from the early stages of addiction by creating a supportive, peer-driven therapeutic community with an emphasis on equine-related employment opportunities.

Not only do we help residents by providing them with a structured environment — 12-step meetings, daily structure, a purpose, support groups, and a group of men all working toward the same goal — but we also help secure employment opportunities if the resident is willing and able to perform such duties.

Men live and work on the farm, taking on various roles and responsibilities, developing healthy habits and routines, and providing them with a purpose and a goal. Working with horses is therapeutic and is perfect for recovery — it’s also a very employable skill and something we teach. Men will enroll in the School of Horsemanship at Taylor Made Farm, where they learn the art and science of horsemanship, but also undertake the 12 steps of recovery.

Developing a purpose is absolutely necessary — we’ll help facilitate your journey and provide you with the motives to achieve clean living.

We utilize a phase system — men will begin in the red phase — the more restrictive — and move up through the ranks. Each phase is designed to support your individual recovery journey, providing you with the help you need at the right time. The phases are constrictive to your recovery journey, but we believe this provides you with the best opportunity for a successful recovery from addiction.

Ambitious Sobriety

We are a non-profit, therapeutic community that helps men with the goal and drive to achieve lasting sobriety. If the men show the willingness and a desire to work with horses, employment opportunities are possible in Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas.

Purposeful work

We believe that to recover from addiction, you need a purpose — and what better than learning horsemanship and caring for animals? Men will also support each other in their individual recovery journeys — it’s worthwhile, meaningful, and helps to develop key life skills.

Stable Recovery

Achieving lasting sobriety is difficult — it requires dedication, drive, and a purpose. And it’s incredibly difficult to achieve alone. The Stable Recovery phase system is designed to provide you with the help you need in a facilitative environment — it will be difficult, but you’ll have a purpose. You and a group of men will be working towards the same goal.

Meet the Team

Christian Countzler: CEO

Colette Becker: COO

Robert Osbourn: Director of Fundraising and Marketing

Elizabeth Becerra: Program Director

William Jackson: Facilities Manager

Chris Goins: Assistant Program Director

Stable Recovery, Lexington KY

At Stable Recovery, our mission is to provide a safe and stable living environment for men in early recovery. We are a peer-driven therapeutic community with a focus on equine-related employment opportunities.


321 Hummingbird Lane
Lexington, KY 40503

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